Drilling Facilities

Drilling Facilities

To enhance our existing drilling rig repair service, Rigmar now provide a comprehensive drilling facility upgrade and reactivation programme.

For both platform and mobile drilling systems, Rigmar offer a complete managed project to include all survey, engineering and design, installation and commissioning stages.

With the support of our project management team, Rigmar can deliver services such as:

  • Platform reactivation and Rig upgrade project management and execution
  • LP and HP mud system and solids control upgrades, repairs and containment solutions
  • Drilling instrumentation and operating systems upgrades
  • Power generation and distribution repairs and upgrades
  • Pipe handling equipment upgrades, replacement and recertification
  • Hoisting and rotating equipment overhauls and refurbishment
  • BOP overhauls and recertification
  • Choke/ kill manifold replacement

For more information please contact info@rigmar.co.uk, or call a member of our sales team on: +44 (0)1224 243000