Rigmar is a leading provider of conventional NDT, specialist NDT and inspection engineering services, primarily to the onshore IRM, offshore IRM markets and subsea sector.



Implemented correctly, NDT is a highly valuable technique that saves businesses time and money.  This service can be used to preserve asset integrity, comply with a certified authority, launch a new construction project or gather information in preparation for a yard stay.

To ensure we deliver the highest return for our clients, our multi-disciplined team is supported with ISO 9001 quality systems and our very own NDT and IRATA Rope Access Training Centre.

We hold approved supplier status with DNV, ABS, Lloyds, RINA and our team follow our rigorous, Class Approved NDT procedures.

We take a technology driven approach to projects to ensure the highest standard of service delivery and continue to invest in the latest technologies, designed to drive project efficiency. We continue to invest in specialist in-service inspection techniques to maintain our position as a leading provider of NDT services.

Class and Structural


  • SPS Surveys
  • Class Renewal Surveys
  • Jack-up Leg Inspections
  • Spud Can Inpsections
  • Tank Wall Thickness Inspections
  • Tank Coating Inspections

Periodic and Planned Maintenance


  • LOLER Surveys
  • DROPS Inspections
  • Drilling Tool Inspections
  • Crane Inspections
  • Topdrive and Load Path Inspections
  • HP / LP Pipeline Inspections
  • EX Inspections
  • Pressure Vessel Inpsections
  • API Derrick Inspections

Riser and Subsea


  • Inspection and replacement of riser collars, thrusts collars and plates
  • Inspection of riser coatings
  • Inspection and repair of riser buoyancy modules
  • Inspection and maintenance of hydraulic choke and kill lines
  • Supply of 3.4u Inspection Coordinators
  • Supply of ACFM and ECI Technicians for Subsea Structural Inspections

For more on how our inspection team can help you and your organisation, contact, Tel: +44 (0)1224 243000