Rigmar has an extremely proactive approach to HSEQ matters and has in place a hierarchy of reporting systems. This ensures that any HSEQ related issues are monitored at all levels of the organisation to minimise risks to all our personnel and ensures the successful implementation of our HSEQ policies and procedures.

Rigmar as a company are fully committed to managing our HSEQ systems to create and maintain a safe working environment at all our facilities and project locations. Our HSEQ department audit, monitor and strive to continually improve our IMS, which are ISO certified and regularly audited.

Rigmar HSE Initiative- Total Safety First

An accident-free, injury-free workplace requires  a company-wide culture that puts safety to the forefront of every employees mind. That is the vision and commitment of Total Safety First; a new company wide initiative being delivered to establish a positive safety goal for Rigmar.

Total Safety First philosophy means ” we work safe, or we do not work at all “.

Respect for people, property & the environment is an essential factor in the Total Safety First philosophy. Respect begins with compliance with laws and regulations. At Rigmar we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and manage our business in ways that earn the trust of others. We depend on the relationship we have and respect each other and those we work with.

Rigmar will ensure that the highest level of business integrity is maintained in all our dealings with employees, customers and suppliers, partners & host communities. As a company that truly values ethical and safe behaviour, we are committed to principle for its own sake, not solely for the purpose of compliance.

A strong safety culture also depends on a competent workforce. As rigmar continues to grow, our people grow with us. We provide a strong commitment to the training & competency of our people, ensuring our people have the skills necessary to complete all tasks safely.

Providing a safe workplace is the motivation for organizational excellence and integrity in corporate, financial and operational performance at Rigmar. Our management teams are driven by a deep sense of the commitment to the Target Zero safety vision and it is this motivation which ensure the message is heard.

With a focus on behaviour and accountability, both personal & shared, we provide the platform for our personnel to understand and believe that ” Total Safety First is up to me & my team; we can & will make better decisions, resulting in a safer work environment”.

We owe it to our employees, customers, shareholders and the community at large, to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. Our fulfilment of these obligations ensures our long-term sustainability as a leading specialist service company.


The Rigmar Group has a recognised Internationally Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008.  As a company we are fully committed and proactive to managing our  Integrated Management System to create and maintain a safe working environment at all our locations.

The message is conveyed down from senior management to every employee thus ensuring the same message of our policies and procedures is consistently implemented successfully.

Our management systems are regularly audited and monitored to ensure we stay current and up to date with the latest industry standards.

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