Marine Services

Interocean offers a wide range of specialist marine services utilising our dedicated team of proficient Mariners, Tow Masters, Marine Representatives and other specialist marine personnel, who have built up extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in all aspects of marine operations over the years.

Marine Services

Whilst our core business is the provision of rig moving services worldwide, we also offer the marine, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and commercial shipping industries the following specialist marine services, to name a few:

Marine Warranty


Trusted by our clients, and with an extensive track record in delivery of complex rig move operations, ocean tows, casualty response and decommissioning projects, our ‘hands-on’ expertise makes Interocean uniquely placed to provide expert Marine Warranty Services (MWS) across a range of marine projects.

Our expertise is focussed on the following key areas of activity:

  • Mobile offshore drilling units – MWS for rig moves (including location approvals), ocean tows and dry tows.
  • Offshore Construction projects – MWS for critical operations; FPSO moorings and hook-up and decommissioning activities.
  • Marine Transportation – MWS for towage, vessel and barge suitability, loadouts (incl. heavy lifts), cargo stowage and seafastening.

Recognised for their capacity for direct responsibility and accountability, our Marine Warranty Surveyors provide independent third-party review and on-site approval of high risk / high exposure marine projects. They provide a critical function in ensuring that risk is identified, controlled and minimised at all stages by ensuring the operation is a) planned in accordance with relevant industry codes and standards, b)executed in accordance with the agreed procedures and safety constraints and c) utilises project equipment and project vessels which are suitable for the operation.

Working as an integrated team, our qualified and experienced Master Mariners, Naval Architects and Engineers combine their extensive operational and technical skills with knowledge of risk and regulatory compliance to enable us to provide tailored and effective MWS.

Interocean has no conflicting interests. We are completely independent of any regulatory authority, rig or vessel owner or contractor. Interocean is approved as a provider of Marine Warranty Services by a number of leading underwriters and also act as MWS on behalf of self-insured clients.

Rig Moves


Interocean’s Marine Division is a leading provider of worldwide rig moving services, in all challenging environmental and geographical offshore and coastal environments, conducting in excess of 250 rig moves annually. We provide our clients with a comprehensive rig moving service, project managing from initial preparation and planning, through development of Rig Move Procedures, provision of Mooring Equipment and Tow Masters, to final rig positioning and reporting, using our highly trained, experienced and competent team of Marine Superintendents, Tow Masters and Marine Representatives.

Interocean specialises in the worldwide relocation of all types of jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units where the location can present many technical and environmental challenges. Examples include complex subsea infrastructures, difficult soil types, deep and shallow waters, rack phase differences (RPD) and excessive spud can loading. Rig moves can be carried out from, and to, any location including fixed platforms, open locations, harbours, dry-docks, on/off-loads (carriers), river estuaries and harsh environments. In addition to rig moving, Interocean also provides specialist personnel for the purposes of undertaking FPSO, floatel and barge moves.

Our Rig Moving services include:

  • Preparation of Mooring Analysis for client review and approval
  • Location Approval review during initial planning and preparation (jack-up drilling units)
  • Identification and sourcing of mooring equipment by our Mooring Division specialists
  • Participation in/chair preparation and client review of the rig move-specific HIRA prior to approval and issue
  • Development, review and approval of the site-specific Rig Move Procedure
  • Participation in Rig Move Procedure presentation at Rig Move Meetings onshore (Stage 1)
  • Provision of proficient Tow Masters and Marine Representatives to conduct the Rig Move
  • Marine and Technical Audits and/or Inspections of support vessels
  • Participation in offshore Rig Move Meeting (Stage 2)
  • Provision of detailed Rig Move Reports on completion of rig move
  • Project Review in conjunction with the client at project completion

Rack Phase Differential

Interocean also offers a complete Marine Project Solutions Service to Clients requiring both consultancy and project management for specialist services in the fields of Rack Phase Difference (RPD) management, instruction and consultation.

Procedures and Documentation


Using our specialist in-house expertise, Interocean develops an extensive range of Marine Procedures and Documentation to meet the requirements of specific international maritime and coastal state regulatory requirements and standards. Our personnel, with the appropriate in-depth knowledge of subject matter, prepare quality management system documentation relating to regulatory, technical and operational aspects of marine, engineering and risk management specialist activities, in accordance with client requirements.

Examples of formal written documentation that Interocean provides include, but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Rig Move Procedures and Rig Move Reports (jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units, FPSOs, barges, floatels)
  • Anchor Pattern Pre-lay Procedures
  • Feasibility Studies for Jack-up Emplacement
  • Onload/Offload Dry Carrier Procedures
  • Docking Procedures
  • Incident Investigation Reports
  • FPSO Installation and Hook-up Procedures
  • Rig-specific RPD Procedures
  • Passage Plans and Tow Routing
  • Heading Control Procedures
  • Anchor Handling Manuals
  • Marine Operations Manuals
  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP)/Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP)
  • Jacking Operations Manual
  • Garbage Management Plans
  • Etc

Specialist Personnel


Interocean’s capabilities include the provision of specialist marine, engineering and safety professionals who have accumulated an extensive range of expertise in all aspects of the marine and offshore oil and gas industries. We encourage career progress through the development and implementation of in-house training and bespoke competence assurance programmes tailored specifically to the needs of each of our Divisions with particular focus on Mariners, Naval Architects and Design Engineers.

Our Marine Division’s team of marine specialists comprises highly skilled and competent Mariners who have operated both offshore and onshore in a wide range of practical and managerial positions, gaining extensive knowledge in all aspects of rig moving operations and other marine roles, including:

  • Rig Move Project Managers
  • Client Warranty Approved Tow Masters (jack-up including RPD, and semi-submersible drilling units)
  • Tow Masters
  • Marine Representatives (DSV, AHV, Heavy Lift, Dry Carrier, Pipe-lay etc)
  • Vessel Auditors
  • Vessel Assurance Inspectors
  • Vessel Masters
  • Mooring Masters
  • Dynamic Positioning Assurance Inspectors
  • Dynamic Positioning Supervisors/Operators
  • Marine Superintendents
  • Incident Investigation
  • Offshore Installation Managers (jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units)
  • Barge Engineers/Supervisors (jack-up and semi-submersible drilling units)
  • Lecturers for the ‘Marine Operations of Self Elevating Platforms – Jack-Ups’ course – ASET International Oil and Gas Training Academy – Aberdeen

Interocean’s teams of specialist personnel also include Naval Architects, Structural Engineers, Draughtsmen, Onshore Project Managers (shipyard and quayside), Mooring Engineers and Risk Managers.

Anchor Handling Vessel Marine Representatives

Recognizing anchor handling operations to be one of the most hazardous and demanding marine operations in the offshore industry, at client request Interocean provides highly trained specialist Marine Representatives to:

  • attend the vessel to oversee and ensure that the recovery and deployment operations are carried out in accordance with client approved procedures, Anchor Handling Manual, industry standards, Rig Move Procedures and site-/AHV-specific anchor handling studies
  • prepare a quality report on completion of operations presenting a compilation of findings, conclusions and recommendations to ensure continued safe operations and continuous improvement

In addition Interocean can supply an experienced Master to sail as an observer and carry out the following:

  • inspect and audit the AHV for suitability and operational capability during a sailing visit
  • monitor the competence of AHV crew members

Audits and Inspections


Interocean’s team of experienced and accredited specialist marine personnel conduct worldwide marine audits and inspections of vessels, MOUs, marine equipment, service-providers etc, in the marine, offshore oil and gas, renewable energy and commercial shipping sectors. Our auditors and inspectors have a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge built up over many years in the marine industries on mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs), production platforms, seismic vessels, anchor handling vessels (AHVs), well stimulators, platform supply vessels (PSVs), emergency recovery and rescue vessels (ERRVs), dynamic positioning vessels, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels etc.

Interocean has the expertise to conduct audits and inspections including, but not limited to:

  • Ship inspections and audits
  • Pre rig move inspections
  • Vessel and barge inspections
  • Marine inspections
  • Dynamic Positioning audits including FMEA
  • Compliance audits
  • (MSF) AHV/PSV inspection audits
  • IMCA Marine and Technical Audits (CMIDs)
  • OCIMF Marine Assurance Inspections (OVID)

Interocean is approved to carry out Flag-state inspections of all vessels and rigs/MOUs in accordance with Vanuatu requirements and individual authorisation to Marshall Islands requirements.